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Want An Eco Friendly Home?

Simple, eco-friendly ideas that will benefit the environment, your health and your wallet!

· Eco Friendly Homes

How to make your home more eco-friendly

Insulation - a well insulated home should stay cool in summer & warm in winter.

Use a Fan - will use far less energy.

Black Out Curtains - work as a form of insulation, reducing heat in summer and keep heat escaping in winter.

Water Saving Shower Head - save on water with an efficient shower head.

Energy Efficient Appliances - when buying new appliances check their energy rating label.

Composting - easy way to reduce waste.

Grow Plants Indoors - great way to clean the air by acting as a filter for any common pollutants in the home.

Solar Panels - reduce electricity bill and energy emissions.

Energy Saving Bulbs - reduce the amount of energy by 50%.

Get Unplugged - if you are not using it, switch it off at the power point.

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