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Choosing Your Home Design

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When working with a builder, there will be a range of home designs to choose from which can be customised to suit your block of land OR you can design your own custom home to suit your individual needs and creativity.

When you are considering home design ideas, it is important to look ahead - you are not just buying for now, the house will also be home for the future.  Choose a design you can grow into and accommodate new life choices.

Focus on the layout of your home, try to picture each room as an empty space, without objects or finishes - does this space work for you and your family?

Here are some questions below to consider when you are deciding on the right Home Design:

1. Which design offers the best facade options?

2. Is greywater recycling available?

3. Which design is best for the shape and size of your block of land?

4. What are the energy efficient options available?

5. How many 'essential' needs does this new home design meet?

6. Does the floorplan what for your needs?

7. Is the kitchen gas, electric or induction?

8. Will this design be able to fit all our existing furniture or do we need to buy new furniture?

9. Is the hot water gas, electric or solar?

10. Consider how much outdoor living space you need?

Owning a home is something we all dream about. It gives us a sense of freedom and creative control that renting never can. But with so many different types of home out there how do you go about choosing the best home design to suit your needs?