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Building your home to beat the summer heat!

  • Building with heavy, thick materials – like a concrete slab – will keep a building very cool.
  • Good insulation is key to cooling to your home in summer. 
  • Install roof vents to cool down the house.
  • Choose a lighter roof colour or paint it.
  • Create an outdoor room or space, if shaded it can be the coolest place in your home and consider pavers over deck into the cool ground to help reduce temperature.
  • Plant deciduous plants around the outside of your home, they can be effective sun shaders and keep the external space cool.

When you are renovating or building, make sure you plan where your home will be situated on your property and consider the angles the sun will hit your home.  What window treatments have you chosen?  Awnings, shutters and louvres are the best option for cooling your home.  Plan your window placements and sizes carefully to ensure you have good airflow through your home.  Place high level windows under ceiling height, creating a cooler environment.  

Incorporating a few of these ideas while your planning your new home build or renovation can help you save on expensive energy costs and also save our environment.