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Building The Perfect Home Office

As more of us shift to working from home, it is becoming more important to make sure we have the right space set up in our homes for our home offices!

One of the biggest challenges of working from home is maintaining focus and energy, make sure you segregate work and living areas, use a separate computer for work, maintain office hours, communicate with family members, keep your office in a ready state, use special apps, 

Here are some tips and ideas to help you create the perfect place to work from your home.


1. Choose a space according to your needs

2. Get natural light

3. Install ambient lights

4. Install F.lux on all computers

5. Keep space and equipment for brainstorming

6. Add some personality and warmth with decor

7. Clean your home office regularly


1. Invest in a comfortable chair

2. Use a second monitor

3. Don't forget mice & keyboards

4. Consider purchasing a standing desk

5. Follow ergonomic rules

6. Add some green plants

7. Basic wire management towards improving your office aesthetic

8. Make sure you have high-speed internet

These are a few simple tricks you can use to build a more comfortable and productive home office. Choosing the right decor, installing ambient lighting and maintaining a clean office environment will help you get more done.